About Us

About Us

Posted by Yongjie Chen

Our mission:

Our mission is to provide our valued customers with high-quality lights and furnishing at a reasonable price.


For a long time, trending style and high quality always seem to be nonrelated to lower prices when it comes to lighting systems and furniture. However, Vonluce believes everybody who has the wish for building a greater living environment deserves greater choices within budget.


Thus, we concentrate on our quality and design to improve the quality and taste of every piece of work. We hope our customers could all find the ideal products for their families.


Our concept:

Vonluce believes change begins at home. In Vonluce we found out that a better living environment could directly affect people’s happiness index and working efficiency.


Also, we noticed that distinctive styles of lights and furniture could reflect a person’s aesthetic style and personality.


In the age we live in, people now possess incredible ability to capture messages from surrounding environments.


People became used to use details to present their personality, mood, and taste. The style of our home becomes one of the most important constructing parts of our unique personal signature. The lighting effects, the furniture, the wall design, and all the small decorations, they all help to express who we are.


Our value:

We believe that integrity is the most important thing for a company.


We care about our customers’ feelings. We commit to providing cost-effective furnishings that enhance our customers’ living experiences and home decorating style.


In the meantime, we implement strict quality control to assure every product satisfies our customers’ expectations.


We wish to build stable trust with our customers.


Our works:


Get the most trending styles of floor lamps, table lamps, LEDs, and chandeliers at a reasonable cost from us.

--- Distinctive fashion could be within budget.



We have multiple styles of furniture for our valued customers to pick from, we hope our furnishings could serve you better.

--- Aesthetics and comfort could be merged.


Our method:

In Vonluce we believe good quality is more essential than overly propagating. From selling our products to customers directly online, we eliminated retails stores to assure our high cost-effectiveness, and help our customers to save wisely.




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