The Kitchen Island Lighting Application-Hanging Pendant Lights

Posted by Roy Shen

The kitchen is the starting point for the connection of a family home. Here, people feast, socialize, and talk about everything freely. Here, people relax and enjoy themselves and make their relationship closer in the accompaniment of delicious food.
In such an important spot, the important role of the lighting of the kitchen island played cannot be overlooked. This factor will affect whether people here can do these work in a comfortable environment with a relaxed and happy mood, so that they can get a good experience.

Over the kitchen island, pendant lighting are always an enticing option.

After deciding on the type of decorative lighting, we have to start to face technical problems.

In this article, we provide the general guidelines of principles. These suggestions do not always apply in all situations. Different projects will differ in specific details. You can use this guidance as the basement to make a personal unique design for your kitchen. But still, if you've got any professionals who are in interior design, we think you'll be better off discussing your ideas with them.

Step 1: Determining the Area to be Illuminated

Firstly, we need to measure the size of the kitchen island, its width determines the maximum diameter of the pendant lights which we can choose, and its length determines the number of pendant lights which we can hang.

Formula: Maximum diameter of pendant lights = kitchen island width - 12"

The subtracted 12 inches means the preserving space on both sides of the pendant light over kitchen island, so you can see a little rule of thumb for estimating the number of pendant lights for kitchen island needed, that is, we need to subtract 12 from the length of the kitchen island inches to leave room for the lights to the edge of the island to avoid the happening of glare.

Next, we apply another rule which is for kitchen hanging lights 2 feet in diameter and above. The spacing between them is roughly the same as their diameter. We take the center mark of the kitchen island, and use the center point to determine spacing to evenly, arrange the kitchen pendant lights hanging symmetrically.

For hanging pendant lights for kitchen island smaller than this size, keep them at least 2 feet apart.

For example, if your kitchen island is 12 feet long, and you have chosen a kind of 2-foot diameter hanging light, minus the distance we reserved for the lighting at both ends of the hanging light fixtures, then you have 11 inches left, in which you can evenly arrange 3 lights with a spacing of 2 feet. Last, 1 foot left at this point, then spread it evenly across the ends of the island.

At this point, we have roughly determined the range of diameter and number of optional kitchen pendant lighting.

However, please note that this is only a principled guide. In specific applications, you need to consider more details, such as the size of the kitchen and the height of the ceiling. These factors will affect your applicable range of hanging pendant light.

TIP: You can use some kinds of material like stiffer cardboard, make the general outline of the hanging ceiling lights of your choice on it, then cut it out, make the two sheets meet in the form of a cross, and place it on top of your kitchen island where you already have determined the position, so that the general effect of the hanging pendant light fixtures can be judged.

Step 2: Determine the Hanging Height of the Kitchen Pendant Light

The installing pendant light's bottom should be at least 30 inches from the surface of the kitchen island, but it should not be hung so high that the light is too far from its bottom to the worktop, because it will affect the brightness. The distance is preferably no more than 36 inches.

Ditto, you need to take the actual application into account. Perhaps, the height of most of the people who will be visiting the place should be taken into consideration. In my opinion, a height-adjustable chandelier is a safer option.


Step 3: Picking a Kitchen Hanging Lights

Now, the technicalities are all out of the way, we've come to the last lighthearted step, where it's all up to your preferences.

What kind of accent do you want your kitchen to have? What vibe do you want it to be? Need the light and shadow effect?

It looks like there are a lot of factors need to take on board... Don't worry, we can simplify divide the kitchen island pendant lights into two categories.

A. Downward facing pendant light

This type of hanging light, especially if the shade is in a cup or bowl, will make the light more concentrated and create a bright work area.

B. Upward-facing pendant light

This type of hanging lamps is suitable for those who want to have a softer effect. The light points upward and is reflected back from the wall to scatter around, and there will be different light and shadow effects according to the shape.

The rest, as long as you choose the lighting shape according to the atmosphere you want to create and the decoration style of your kitchen.

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Below, we have carefully selected a few kitchen pendant lights over island for you.

Industrial Glass Globe Pendant Light for Kitchen Island

A dreamy and fantastic home decor addition, like a bubble floating in space! Because of the combination of the elegant spherical handblown glass shade and the adjustable long cord, the vintage globe glass pendant light is so airy and pretty, so delicate and fragile, a perfect accompaniment to the kitchen island or the aisle.


Single-Light Modern Glass Cone Pendant Lighting

A graceful hanging pendant light in cone shape shows that clean, simplistic lines and minimalist design, combines with shining chrome, add a polished and elegant appeal to any home decor from rustic farmhouse to modern minimalist. What’s more, it’s compatible with adjustable rope, can perfectly fit your needs.


3-Light Double Drum Pendant Lighting

An all-in-one choice, an adjustable hanging lamp, a semi-flush ceiling light, with a double drum design made of fabric and Acrylic, which provide soft lights and elegance at your house.