4 Ideas to Improve Your Home Décor Style 2021 | Vonluce

4 Ideas to Improve Your Home Décor Style 2021 | Vonluce

Posted by Yongjie Chen


Have you ever got an experience like this: you bought every single piece of furnishing that you think looks good, but when you put them together in a room, everything suddenly seems to be looked so wrong, and you just can’t tell the why?

This article will help you find out the reason for this phenomenon and give some useful suggestions on decorating styles. Hope this will help you to improve the atmosphere of your home.


1. Decide your style

Unassuming House In The Suburbs

For many people, when considering home decoration, the sudden things that jump to their minds are various types of stylish furniture and accessories: baroque sofa, minimalist dining table, postmodern nightstand… These are all nice stylish movables, but if you put them in one room, it’d be a disaster.

At this point, the first thing you need to do is to choose a particular style for your room, this style here doesn't have to be specific, it is your style. You can use two or more styles simultaneously if you want to, but you have to be clear of what you want for the overall look.

If you decide to use multiple decorating styles at once, there is one designer trick that is worth considering: pick 70 percent of your furniture in the major style, and 30 percent of the furniture for the rest of your minor style(s).

If you‘re good at sketching, it's better if you can create a rough picture for your ideal room, and pick your furniture according to this impression. But if you don't want to, simply imagine it in your mind: is it minimalist? Victorian? French? Or Bohemian style? Warm, cold, or mixing color tone? But don’t forget about the balance of the color in your design, because trust me although a colorful crayon room design would bring you an aesthetic shock at the first glance, living in one is definitely not a good idea. 

Once you have decided on the decorating style, it would be easier for you to start now.


2. Plan for your space

Modern Style Living Room Interior Designs

Occasionally some people find the furniture and accessories they bought are too large for the room, that they hardly have room to walk around comfortably. Generally, every room needs a thoroughfare, which should be around one meter wide, so the room won’t give you the sense of narrowness or depression.

Measuring the width and length of your room would be a good place to start. Your measurement data will help avoid letting the furniture cram the room when picking your furniture. It’s worth paying attention to the ratio of the spare room and furnishing proportion. Generally speaking, a good ratio should be around 60/40, which means it would be perfect if you fill 40 percent of your room with furniture and leave 60 percent of spare space.


3. Be aware of the layout

Casual And Formal Living Room Design

The layout in a room would affect your room décor style to a large extent. For example, although you have enough space to arrange your sofas and chairs as a hexagon, there is hardly anyone who would use this type of configuration in the room. As if you arrange the furniture in the light of shape other than the overall configuration, the interior decoration will probably become super disorganized and non-aesthetic.

A good plan of layout would make your room look more spacious. Getting the furniture off the walls might be the first idea that jumps to my mind since furniture that was arranged too close to the wall would cause limitation of the visual special extension. Thus, please let your furnishings get off the wall!


4. Get your “backgrounds” right

Light Affect Colour In a Room

You might be confused by the word “backgrounds” that I use here, the “backgrounds” here refer to the lighting of your room: the color that occupies the largest praoportion in your room design:

  • The color of your ground
  • Design of the walls
  • The lighting effects

For these three elements, I would recommend you to start from the first one when you begin to nail your décor plans down.

The color of your floor is the base color of your room, every furnishings’ color you pick after should at least keep a balance with it, so your room won't look too messy.

You might want some special design on your walls, which is also a key to improve your decorating style.

As for the lighting effects, depending on the previous two backgrounds, it would be easier for you to choose the glow you want: warm or cold? A cold glow would help make the whole room look wider visually, while a warm glow constructs a cozier atmosphere in your room. Lights near walls help improve the spatial extension effectively, and the central lights emphasize the center of the space, to give your whole design a focusing point.


A remarkable décor style would improve your living standard, and leave others a strong impression of your unique taste, hope this article helps you find a clear place to start.