Top Questions About Chandeliers

Top Questions About Chandeliers

Posted by Yongjie Chen

What are the differences between chandeliers and pendants?

Although there are some differences between chandeliers and pendants in many aspects, the key difference is the appearance of their structure. Just by a look, you can recognize that it is a chandelier or a pendant.

Chandeliers are branched systems and are used in multiple lights.

Pendants hang from single cord, chain or rod and usually are used in one light.

In general, a chandelier is composed of multiple light sources, while pendants only use one bulb, but some pendants are composed of multiple bulbs. Therefore, usually chandeliers have more size range than pendants.


chandelier pendant

Does the chandelier use more electricity than pendant or other lightings?

Generally speaking, although the chandelier does need to use more blights than other lightings, a common installation of the pendant is that several are installed together in the same place, so it depends on which installation method is. In addition, because to compare with other lightings, the chandeliers uses multiple lights, so there is no need for too much high wattage bulbs to provide enough illuminance, and our lightings are generally equipped with E26 standard sockets which can adapt including LED that high-efficiency energy-saving bulbs, so you don’t need to worry too much about the amount of electricity used.


Chandelier can be used in the bathroom/outdoors?

For the bathroom or outdoor use, drenching and dampness should be considered. It depends on whether the chandelier you choose can be used safely in damp places. There's a certification: Damp, Dry, or Wet Location Listed.

To check the certification, we can easily know whether the chandelier you picked can be used in the bathroom/outdoors.


Are the chandeliers safe?

Chandeliers are mostly hung in areas with frequent activities, so safety and sturdiness are of the utmost importance.

When purchase, we can check whether the chandelier has the lighting safety certifications to obtain the guarantee of its quality.

In the United States, there are mainly the following types of certification for the safety of lightings: UL, ETL, CSA.




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Can we read a book under the chandelier?

It mainly depends on the brightness of the bulb we choose and the chandelier's height. Generally speaking, the chandelier is not particularly designed for reading, but for ambient lighting, however, it is enough to make the corresponding area bright ro read under the right conditions. Our lightings are generally equipped with E26 standard sockets, which can accept different types of bulbs, giving our customers who want different effects a sufficient range of choices.

Another solution about combining atmosphere and brightness is to buy dimmable chandeliers and change the light emitted by the chandeliers accordingly under different needs.